Twin Haus - Nothing Lavish EP

Released 17th March 2016

Titled Nothing Lavish, the EP - premiered on Rolling Stone Australia - explores sprawling soundscapes, an articulate display of intricate musicality and expansive sonic journeys that transport you to another platform. In other words, this is Twin Haus at their best. 


The band have pulled out all the stops to make this their most refined and most accomplished record yet. From 9-minute epics to dark, emotive numbers, Nothing Lavish is as expansive and experimental as it is meticulous and considered. Working with renowned Brisbane producer Steve Kempnich, the band are now set to build upon their lead single I Used To Think with decadent psychedelia and meticulous rock, refusing to compromise their sound.


Following on from a two week collaborative campaign between Twin Haus and a variety of visual artists from across the globe to create an interpretive series reflective of the EP’s tracklist, Twin Haus are now incredibly proud to finally release Nothing Lavish in all its glory.