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Comprised of 8 members from Boss Moxi, Twin Haus and Baskervillain, The Durries love durries, plain and simple. They're don't discriminate either, as you can tell from their growing catalogue of tracks like Winfield Blue, Port Royal and first single Marlborough Gold - an instant classic like the dart it's named after.


Bunkering down over 24 hours, with six cartons of beer and more pouches of Winnie Blue than you could poke a (cancer) stick at, The Durries recorded their debut EP; an ode to their shared love of a good ciggie. The passionate, sprawling Marlborough Gold is a heartfelt tune that tugs at even the toughest smoker's heartstrings. You can really relate to lyrics such as "There's nothing I'd rather kill myself with than a Marlborough Gold."


Only three gigs in, including support slots for Brisbane staples Wolver and Le Suits, The Durries have been busy getting their name our there, and getting paid literally in durries by doing so.

Latest Release.

We Build Schools EP

Essick - Ghosttowns 2014

Released 11|06|2015

We Build Schools contains six cig pop anthems that go down together as smoothly and refreshing as a Tun Bitter and a Winnie Blue. From the searing intro Ode To Bryan, the contemplative BnH Smooth, or even the lead single and instant classic Marlboro Gold – emphysema rock has never sounded so good...

2010 - present

2010 - present