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Boss Moxi Returns

As December of 2016 approached, like a concrete jungle intersection, a whole bunch of actions, people and intentions collided together and provided the idea that Boss Moxi was far from over. A short but necessary trip to India, new musical relationships and a short course in music alchemy had original members Milad (bass), Grima (guitar/trumpet) and Doig (frontman) agreeing on a second breath from their otherwise, previously neglected dream.

Alex Flamsteed met Doig back in the late years of the band (2012). He played drums in a touring punk act of his own called, Guttermouth where he’d been dealt a different set of circumstances that had him playing the most unimaginable shows all accross the world at the early age of 17. It wasn’t until a rough patch almost 7 years later that left him seeking understanding back in Australia in 2016 which coincidently lead to the birth of the truly exciting musical friendship between Alex and the band.

Particularly inspired by the wonders of India, Doig took to an acoustic guitar and notepad after what was now almost 3 years since Boss Moxi songs had been written. In a mere 4 weeks, 50 minutes of non-stop music, an entire piece, a some what composition was ready to record. It was a month of the most intensive but natural music writing Doig, Grima, Milad or Alex had ever experienced.

The songs wrote themselves and in an almost supernatural way would leave suggestions and direction to how the song would end and how the next might begin. Arduous afternoons where the simple phrase, ‘from the top’ meant running the 25 minute song all the way through to make it 30, from 30 to 45 minutes and so on. Alex would beat his sticks on a couch while Dan and Doig strummed beaten up acoustic guitars waiting for whoever booked to studio to finally leave so they could get back to it.

Oddball’ proved that the band could sonically replicate their live energy into recordings, just on that alone it was a solid milestone for the band. However the fact the album took two and half years has deservingly become the drive behind this next album’s productivity. The release of Boss Moxi’s second album is definite, confidently ensured by the plethora of talented musicians working tirelessly hard to make it truly spectacular.

Boss Moxi is officially releasing another album with the hopes of building a brilliantly collaborative, live show with the numerous new sections and instruments featured on the record. A proper spectacle, a show that ignites all of the senses; lights, band, backing film, orchestra and all - a two night only performance that will inspire and dazzle premier stages throughout Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne this year!

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