Shady Bliss - Dirty Brain

Released 28th May 2016

Brisbane four-piece Shady Bliss return to the scene this week with a brand new single. Titled Dirty Brain, this marks the first release for the band since the stellar instrumental journey that is their last single, Deluge in August last year, but now they’re back - and they’re back with a vengeance. Listen to Dirty Brain via TheMusic Self described as "Angus and Julia Stone on shrooms," Dirty Brain continues to build upon the psych/prog groundwork they’ve laid down as one of Brisbane’s favourite psychedelic rock bands.


With heavenly vocal harmonies from Morgan (who lays it down it with his guitar) and Chrissa (also providing the shimmering keys that bring the track to life), thunderous drums courtesy of Lewis and thick, stomping bass from Ari, Dirty Brain is an epic trip from start to finish. It's an almighty release from a band quickly becoming one of Brisbane’s best. Sneaking up on you before launching into a relentless psych freak out with kaleidoscopic imagery and undeniable grooves, Shady Bliss have truly outdone themselves with this latest single.