Four friends from all corners of Brisbane who take elements of psychedelia, prog-rock, grunge, add their own dreamy touch and combine this colourful concoction into some kind of euphoric, cosmic, story-telling monster. Birthed in Brisbane in 2009 they've been gracing stages, festivals and dive bars all accross Queensland. 

Morgan Brown, the brains and brilliance behind a lot of the concepts and music but the band writes and pieces all the journies together. The band formed as Morgan's curious, Gilmor-like guitar met Chrissa's glowing keys. As Ari and Louie concreted the members of the band a strange and mature sound would soon follow. Freakishly reminisant of early Pink Floyd and with the song writting genius of ELO their songs come from an undoubtably interesting place. 

Latest Release.

'Dirty Brain' Single 2016


2010 - present

2010 - present

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Brisbane four-piece Shady Bliss return to the scene this week with a brand new single. Titled Dirty Brain, this marks the first release for the band since the stellar instrumental journey that is their last single, Deluge in August last year, but now they’re back - and they’re back with a vengeance...

Released 28|05|2016

Essick - Ghosttowns 2014