Midas.Gold - $$$

Released 16th May 2016

Rapping over a huge, clanking beat courtesy of producer Harvey and flourishes by local production superteam ATHD, Midas.Gold is all about the money once again with this new track. If you thought he was hungry for it in 000000, you best believe he’s damn well famished here in $$$! 


A lot has happened since you last heard from Midas.Gold. Not only has his first single amassed a whopping 53K plays on Soundcloud, being reposted by countless tastemakers across the globe, he’s also nabbed massive support slots with none other than the likes of Danny Brown and The Underachievers. On top of all that, today he takes off on a 10 date jaunt around the country with one of Australia’s most up and coming artists, Ivan Ooze. Not bad for an artist with now just two singles under his belt, right? 

Set to kick off in Perth tonight around the same time triple J's Hau is premiering $$$ on the airwaves, it's all systems go for Midas.Gold. Are you ready?