Kaleidoscope - Neighbourhood Kids

Released 02 October 2015

When you first hear Kaleidoscope, there's little surprise as to why they count the likes of Violent Soho and the Dune Rats as fans.

The hard rock three-piece from the South Coast of NSW have a sound that is an instant throwback to the heroes of punk rock history, recalling the thrash of Black Flag and Circle Jerks, while also planting melodic twists in the spirit of local icons Jebediah and Regurgitator.


Fresh off the back of the release of their single ,"Junior" and signing to Bedlam, newcomers Kaleidoscope have released their EP Neighbourhood Kids. Thrashing guitars and classic grunge vibes makes this a huge release for the boys, who continue to go from strength to strength.  

Switching between the energetic frenzy of Doin Nothing and slow burner Be My Friend like it ain’t no thang, Neighbourhood Friends is the kind of dynamic shit that suits whatever mood you’re in.

 Crack a coldie and give this one a listen.