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Lead Guitarist, Ollie Cook and Vocalist, Brayden Doig took what was a high school past time and an excuse to try and play guitar and turned it into a practice of creating music. The band solidified it’s members in early 2010 with Dan Milad on bass from scattered jams in 2009, and Sophie Quinn, replacing Alex Bowler on drums as Alex left for Germany on exchange. In 2010 the band found themselves in the recent creation of Bedlam Records, a small but effective studio brought to life by Tomas Stevenson and Duncan Campbell. In need of putting the freshly built, once carpet den, ‘beat lab’to work, Boss Moxi were invited into record what turned into the band’s debut EP, Your Mouth. By 2011 they were performing regularly around Brisbane’s top venues and gaining a strong local presence. Boss Moxi were invited to partake in the inaugural ’100 songs in 100 hours challenge’ which provided the tracking of ‘Mirage’, which was released as a free single later that year.


2012 saw the band release Caught Up In Neverland, a song that intended to defined the band’s new direction. After months of experimenting and new music writting they moved onto the recording of their album in October of 2012. Venturing up to drummer, Sophie Quinn’s old, cottage, family house in Maleny, QLD with Tomas Stevenson (Bedlam), their mic’s and sound equipment, the band set to record their newly matured sound. 2013 has been ongoing months of meticulous mixing, recording, writing and crafting the demos. 2014 will be the completion of the demos and recording of their debut album.

Latest Release.

Oddball 2015

Essick - Ghosttowns 2014
Essick - Yakuza 2014

Released 12|08|2014

Working closely with local producers’ Psywife (Brayden Doig & Harry Jackson), in the last 6 months JON has thrown down various tracks with no expectations and an open-minded approach.


H22 is JON ‘s debut EP, it showcases his unique songwriting abilities and unprecedented FLOW. Bedlam Records is proud to present JON H22....

2010 - present

2010 - present