Essick - Yakuza

Released 22 October 2014

The first taste of Atrium Atrium came in the form of Ghost Towns, a contagious tune driven by haunting vocals and chaotic riffs, which cemented Essick as one of the most interesting sounding bands to come from Brisbane in recent memory.


Now the band is ready to unleash second single Yakuza. Intricately layered with Ravi’s fluid vocals effortlessly dissolved into atmospheric riffs and pulsating percussions, Yakuza envelops Essick’s signature sound with smooth transitions from light and airy to darker textures, creating a sonic experience that is all together unexpected and electrifying.


Tragically, on the 12th of November 2013 less than a month after the albums completion Ravi Das passed away in a horrible drowning accident. As a close friend of Bedlam Records, a promise was made to his family that his music would be released for the world to hear.

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