Essick - Atrium Atrium

Released 12 November 2014

Beginning with a collection of tracks from as early as 2009 it was Ravi Das’ intention to create what would later be known as Essick. In 2011 a personal goal became a joint endevour as Andrew McDougall partenered with Ravi in the writing process of the album, Atrium Atrium. In October 2013 they headed into the Bedlam studio with producer Steve Kempnich and drummer Brock Weston where the tracks where captured in their current form over a 5 day period.


On the 12th of November 2013 less than a month after the albums completion Ravi Das passed away in a horrible drowning accident.

Opener ‘Atriums’ sets the tone for the record, with delayed guitar and frenetic drum patterns present throughout the 11 tracks, while album centrepiece ‘Indica’ begins with a muted guitar, with haunting vocals creeping in underneath a simple melody. First single ‘Ghost Towns’ brings the energy to fever pitch, teasing the chorus hook early on and only alluding to it until it comes full force like a bull seeing red.


Essick, a mongrelised version of James Blake and Deep Sea Arcade on dexamphetamines, are primed and ready to release this masterful collection of songs into the world and let them spread their wings..

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