Opening with a walking bassline, title track ‘Perceptions’ feels its’ way along a psychedelic riff with just a smattering of existentialism. Spear-headed by leading lady Chrissa and punctuated by Morgan’s savage cries, warm guitar licks swoon over a jazz beat. Put simply by Chrissa herself, “The tune is someone’s plea for you to think kindly of them, so they can embody those admirable discernments.”


A textured cacophony of sonic heat, ‘Something To Say’ is the dark roast of Shady Bliss tunes. Built on the notion of someone with a degree in the art of seduction, the second track on the double A side carries an inebriating discord. Dappled with rolling percussion, it’s guaranteed to position you on the edge of your seat.

Shady Bliss - Perceptions

Released 28th March 2017

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