Boss Moxi - Song Of Joan

Released 15 September 2015

Psych-rock outfit, Boss Moxi are band synonymous in the Brisbane live scene, having spread their sound across countless venues, dingy alleyways and warehouses. From garage-rock beginnings the band ripened their sound whilst recording debut EP, Your Mouth, which harmoniously dissolves elements of jazz into psych-rock foundations. Released in 2011, lead single Caught up in Neverland embodies Boss Moxi’s signature sound with the saxophone adding a unique brass stamp that defines their live show.


After releasing second single Home in 2013, the past 5 years have seen Boss Moxi tour relentlessly whilst continuously writing and evolving their sound. Having recorded their debut album at Bedlam Records Studios earlier this year, the band is ready to share the first fruits of their labour with latest single Song Of Joan, which displays Boss Moxi’s imaginative art of story telling. Written from a fantastical perspective of a young David Bowie, the song explores a crux in Bowie’s life spurred by a fictional character named ‘Joan’, which sets him on the trajectory that leads him to become the outlandish and controversial icon that he is today.


Song Of Joan elevates Boss Moxi’s jazz-infused foundations by introducing seductive Flamenco undertones that provides an exciting taste of what’s to come with their debut album due for release next year.

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