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Lead Guitarist, Ollie Cook and Vocalist, Brayden Doig took what was a high school past time and an excuse to try and play guitar and turned it into a practice of creating music. The band solidified it’s members in early 2010 with Dan Milad on bass from scattered jams in 2009, and Sophie Quinn. In 2011 they released their EP, Your Mouth.

Since their beginnings they've filled every room, played to every dive bar crowd and accommodated the likes of the few neiche' crowds the litter the city. The band called it a day in 2015 after members Sophie and Ollie left the group. A tour was put together in the late part of 2015 to take the debut album to the major cities down the east coast. 

The following two years put the band in hiatus before a trip to India in late 2016 gifted Frontman, Brayden Doig with the concepts that would soon develop into a new album giving light to the return of the band.


‘Oddball’ proved that the band could sonically replicate their live energy into recordings, just on that alone it was a solid milestone for the band. However the fact the album took two and half years has deservingly become the drive behind this next album’s productivity. The release of Boss Moxi’s second album is definite, confidently ensured by the plethora of talented musicians working tirelessly hard to make it truly spectacular.

Latest Release.

Oddball 2015


The moment is finally here; Boss Moxi’s debut album is finished and ready for your ears.

After an agonising two year build up, a crowd funding campaign and one final tour, these Brisbane local legends are ecstatic to present their swansong in the form of the first – and last – debut album, Oddball...

Released 17|04|2014

Essick - Yakuza 2014
Essick - Ghosttowns 2014

2010 - present

2010 - present