Blunt B - Dissolute Habits EP

Released 21 Febuary 2014

Since releasing his debut EP Fried (2012), Blunt B has played live in support of some of Australia’s biggest electronic acts including Flume, Shockone, Opiuo and Sampology. The EP turned out to be especially popular in South Africa, which he toured in 2013 along with dropping single “Funk the Queen” , his most received track to date.


Originally labelled as a glitch hop producer his style has since evolved into a less hectic, more polished electronic form as he drew inspiration from analogue synthesis and old school sampling techniques. His new EP exhibits his production finesse in what can only be described as dope electro which holds true to his signature funky style.


Cool new stuff from Blunt B. Nice to hear him show some progression in his production – this one’s got a nice emphasis on that throbbing groove.

Dave Ruby Howe – Triple J/Inthemix

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