Bedlam is a long time hub of musicians and creatives. Once a record label, we now focus on making the records, with our purpose built studio under a gorgeous Queenslander.

Artists we have worked with include Bugs, Beddy Rays, Semantics, The Jensens, Twin Haus, Boss Moxi, Young Lions, Drunk Mums, The Murlocs, Baskervillain, The Babe Rainbow, Pilots and Funkoars. To name a few.

A heaven for creativity.

The studio is comprised of 4 rooms, mathematically engineered for optimal acoustics.  The main live room is an asymmetrical space, perfect for drum tracking, and with plenty of space for jams. It houses the two isolation rooms which allow for smooth workflow and zero bleed when live tracking.


Steve is a largely self taught musician, engineer, producer and longtime collaborator with Bedlam Records. He favours vintage flavours in processing and microphones, striving for a lush, powerful and effective outcome. Steve believes it's important to let the song direct what the song needs to be, and will work with the artist in achieving their vision, while contributing his ideas along the way.


Essick | Orphans Orphans | Moses Gunn Collective | Boss Moxi | Twin Haus | The Jensens | Wolver | Morning Harvey | The Dollar Bill Murrays | Shady Bliss | Canondrome


Brock's strength lies in realising & balancing the artistic goals of the bands whilst creating the best possible product. He employs modern techniques and methods to get the best possible result and make artists as comfortable as possible. In Recent years clients have made the hottest 100 shortlists and have enjoyed radio play nationally for many of their singles.

Young Lions | Bugs | The Jensens | Twin Haus | The Medics |    Jimmy Davis | Common Deers | Austen| Elko Fields | The Pierce Brosnans | Pink Matter | Atticus Chimps| Rich Uncle | Sacred Blue | Scabz | White Blanks | Speed Lab | The Steele Syndicate | The Buzzing Towers | Big Whoops| Stoker| The Dollar Bill Murrays | Surfin’ Bird | Mary Handsome | Pro Vita | Silk Acid  | Regular Band | Former Angels | Cloacas | Hooch | Cordeaux | House of Giants |

Paul Ballam Cross| Boss Moxi | Wharves Baskervillain | Seven Skies | The Halls

Feels Club | JSmart | Ying Yang and

The Bang Bang | Braves | Shady Bliss


Keelan is a producer, mix engineer and local musician. With a healthy obsession for music, his strength lies in a keen ear and a belief that whatever sounds best, is best. He's always keen to help get your songs sounding the way you imagined them (or better), whether recording live, multi-tracking, or thinking outside-the-box.

Beddy Rays | Walken | Garage Sale | We All Want To |

Majestic Horses | Electric Zebra | Syrup, Go On | Glasshouse |

Hot Reno | Honeygum | Loiter | The Redundants | Daisy Brains | Die For Mushies | Astoria Paranoia | A Cult Wild | Raa | Konnectd | Mouse | Worry Weather | Tom Briese | Couch Surfers


Jack is a local musician, engineer, and producer whose love of early era recordings and their techniques has led him to chase a more “live” sounding style. He believes that quality performance and musicality are the key to the best results and will strive to get the best performance of the artists work captured.

Baskervillain | Canondrome | Patch Feeney | L.K MckKay 

Boss Moxi |Pink Matter


Bedlam recording studio houses a wide variety of high end recording equipment, as well as experienced in-house producers to cater to any recording project. We Produce, Record, Edit, Mix & Master in house.



Every band's goals and budget are different, that's for sure. Everyone here at bedlam works their asses off in bands, so we get it. It's pretty impossible to put a price on your project until we talk about it, drop us a line or arrange to come see the studio and have a chat in person.


We offer the studio for dry hire to outside engineers in 5 or 10 hour blocks, if you book consecutive days it's yours 24/7 (with some minor restrictions). Let us know what you have in mind and we can sort out a rate cheaper then most commercial studios in Brisbane. The setup is dead simple and runs a USB interface which means you can take your own computer and have it hooked up in minutes, ready to use what ever software you like and have all your files at your disposal. 

If you're sick of dingy rehearsal studios you can hire our live room, PA, drums & amps included. You can even hire it for a week straight and leave your equipment setup to write that next album!

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