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Essick – Ghost Towns Video

We shot the video for Ghost Towns over the course of 3 long nights with Brayden Doig behind the lens. We didn’t have a budget so we scouted around for gnarly locations around Brisbane including the abandoned Wacol mental asylum, an abandoned animal research facility and a fabled underground tunnel know as the Aquacave. The process of making the video was a thrilling experience as most of the locations felt like living a horror movie, there was even a near death experience by way of decapitation when trying to escape the Aquacave. The rest of the footage was shot in the studio at Bedlam apart from the very end of the song where you can see Ravi overlaid. That came from a video he made of himself in his basement which tops off the vibe of the clip. The video was inspired by and is dedicated to our brother Ravi Das, Resting Peacefully.

Drunk Mums live @ Bedlam

A few weeks ago good mates Drunk Mums and WOD  stayed over whilst they were causing a ruckus around Australia on their “Plastic” tour.  We had a rad weekend watching them play at a house party, Trainspotters in the city and hanging round the house drinking. With the absence of our regular cameraman, Jimmy G from WOD filled in. What a legend

Jon – H22

Jon doesn’t pander to what you want to hear; he writes songs that you need to hear. Sleek beats, touches of brass and good old 80’s funk are spun together creating Jon’s own brand of hip hop for a new generation.

Raised and born in rural Papua New Guinea, Jon knows a raw way of life and isn’t afraid to tap into it. Moving to Australia at 16 years of age he was suddenly exposed musically to everything from Tupac to Lauryn Hill and developed a huge appreciation for rap, whether it was underground, old school or mainstream. By 2013 Jon began working on his own form of hip-hop fusion and is now set to release his debut EP “H22” this June.

His first single from the EP “Like Flow” was quick to receive acclaim, music blog hhhappy calling Jon “a natural born poet with smooth delivery, spittin’ some fresh flow with and old school hip-hop vibe”.

From the EP’s opening trombone-infused bassline of “Trumped” to the easy flow of “Pinic”, it’s clear throughout the progression of this four track EP that Jon isn’t shy about taking risks to create a sonic landscape that propels the listener straight into the heart of his world. He isn’t afraid to speak real truths, his own and those of the everyman, but its always done with a pinch of good humour and slick production.

Originally collaborating with Harry Jackson and Brayden Doig as ‘Psywife’ the trio worked on a couple of songs together before Jon was signed with Bedlam Records where the rest of the EP was recorded.

It’s an impressive debut that boldly announces his arrival on the scene.


Wolver live @ Bedlam

Our second live session was filmed with Shady Bliss only to be sabotaged by a corrupted CF card.  After some delay in getting a replacement, Wolver came in and showed us two of their latest.


We are proud to announce the addition of Essick to the Bedlam Records artists roster.

Beginning with a collection of tracks from as early as 2009 it was Ravi Das’ intention to create what would later be known as Essick. In 2011 a personal goal became a joint endevour as Andrew McDougall partenered with Ravi in the production of the album, Atrium Atrium. After spending years crafting and perfecting the album it was bought into the new Bedlam studio where it was recorded in late 2013.

Ghost Towns is the first taste of the masterpiece that is Atrium Atrium, its restless riffs and breakdowns that are sparse like a sleeping city, layers of urgency churning under a collected facade, dissolving into something fast, frantic, and completely contagious.

Through sound we spread the love and pay homage to the beautiful mind of our fallen brother Ravi Das – Resting Peacefully – 12/11/13.

Album release date TBA

Just fucking dance already.